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Manicure & Pedicure



The products are available for use at home to maintain and increase the benefits.


Sparitual  Manicure £15.50                    

Shape and Varnish (fingers or toes) £7.95    

Shape and Varnish (fingers & toes) £13.00 

Sparitual Pedicure £19.99                               


Gel Nail Enhancements

To enhance the beauty of your hands giving you nails of your desired length in either a natural, French finish or colour of your choice. We use only the best products to leave you with beautiful, strong, natural looking nails.

Full Set £30.00                          

Single Nail £3.95                 

 Infills (every 2 - 3 weeks) from £18.50

 Enhancement removal incl Sparitual treatment £25.00            

 Enhancement Removal & New Set £40.00


Natural Nail Gel Overlays

The answer for anyone who doesn’t want nail extensions (no tips involved !)- or perfect after enhancements have been removed to protect your longer nails.

Full Set (overlays) £19.50                       

Single nail overlay (repair etc) £3.50       

Toe nail overlays / extensions £22.00     

 Toe nail infills and re-polish £10.00


Gel Polish

Gel Polish creates beautiful long lasting colour without smudging or waiting for polish to dry. Soak off formula, so removal is quick and easy with no damage to natural nails - then you can change your colour if you wish.

High fashion colours that stay on up to 2 weeks - even longer on toes! All colours have a high gloss shine and are perfect over natural nails, overlays and pedicures and help strengthen weak nails like the natural overlays. We stock Shellac, Gel FX, IBD, Gelish

Gel Polish & Shape (fingers OR toes) £22.00      

Gel Polish & Shape (fingers AND toes) £40.00

Manicure & Gel Polish £25.50                             

Pedicure & Gel Polish £29.99

FREE removal if booking for another colour reapplied - please mention removal when you book so extra time is allocated.