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 The following pages in the brochure show you our comprehensive range of facial treatments so suit all ages, problems, concerns, skin types and relaxation requirements.

Please ask us to help you determine which facial would be most suitable to enable you to achieve optimum results.


Crystal Clear for the micro-dermabrasion


Silhoette for the Dermalift non surgical procedure


 Crysal Clear Microdermabrasion 

Beauty treatment to the stars! 

Celebrities include Madonna, Victotia, Beckham, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford and Gisele

Crystal clear offer a unique way to resurface and retexturise the skin offering blending and improving of problem areas, delivering immediate, visable results!

Ideal for fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, deeper frown lines and lip lines, scar and blending improvement, congested skin with open pores and comedones (black heads) and milia (white heads), deeper exfoliation for thickened and blemished skin or gentle exfoliation for dull tired skin.

For optimum results a course of 10 treatments is recommended however, treatments can be taken individually to give your skin a boost and thorough cleanse.

We combine these treatments with a specially formulated product range that offers a balancing and smoothing action on the skin. The product range has been designed so that clients can enjoy all the benefits of the professional range at home allowing them to be prescribed the best possible treatment plan that will maximise the treatment results.


Micro Dermabrasion Rejuvenating & Firming Facial


Single treatment 60 minutes £36.00

Course of 10 (including Skin Brightening & Skin Repair Serum worth £70.45) £342.00


Crystal Clear Beauty Flash Treatment 30 minutes £29.99      
An ideal pre-party or introductory treatment incorporating advanced exfoliation followed by muscle firming to create lifting and toning and completed with the hydrating mask.


Silhouette Facials

Dermafusion Green Tea (1 hour) £35.00 

The unique working synergy of both the Green Tea Mask and the Green Tea Cream creates a potent mechanism to relax skin tension and fatigue, diminishing lines and wrinkles. They intensively replenish dehydrated and ageing skin, whilst repairing the tissue. Moisture will be locked in and pores tightened, delivering a much younger more refined skin.


Many of the products can be purchased for use at home.



non-surgical face lift

Dermalift (single session) 1 hour £38.00

Dermalift (course of 5) £175.00                     

Dermalift (course of 10) £342.00

Eye & Lip Dermalift 30 mins £10.00                    

Deluxe Anti-Ageing Facial 1hr 15mins £60.00                       
Combining two facials into one deluxe treatment to intensify the results - a crystal clear rejuvenating treatment followed by the Faith Lift Mask- sheer luxury with instant results!